How do hide a list item with a toggle

I tried so many ways to do this although I’m sure it’s simple.
Used ngModel, Ng-Show, Ng-If. Nothing seems to get it working
How would you hide the ion-item and just showing ion-item-divider ?

<ion-list *ngFor=“let group of groupedArticle”>

<ion-item-group >
  <ion-item-divider >{{group.rayon}}</ion-item-divider>
<ion-card *ngFor="let article of group.articles" >
<ion-item-sliding >
<ion-item >
  <p>Genre de produit: <strong>{{article.Type}}</strong></p>
  <p>Marque: <strong>{{article.Marque}}</strong></p>

Please help, it drives me crazy !

I did a very similar thing.

I had a list of group.rayon and every one of them had some group.articles.

What I did is assign an auxiliar variable to every group.rayon and initialized as false. Whenever you tap on your ion-item-divider you change the auxiliar variable to true.

Then, in your item, add: <ion-item *ngIf = "group.rayon.auxiliarVariable == true"> You can omit the == true.

That way you’ll have a list of dividers and your content will be “toggleable”.

I had a similar issue with a list that could be generated by the user, with user-populated items and user-determined length. I created a Map<string,boolean>, where the string key was a unique ID of the item, and the boolean value translated to either visible or hidden. Then each item has ngIf="nameOfMap.get(" The toggle created a key/value pair if none existed yet, and set it to true or false as appropriate.

Thanks a lot for answering ! In the meantime,I finally found what i was looking for :

It’s just like what you advised, isn’t it ?

Woaw, impressive !
How did you find that ?
I don’t have to go this way but I keep it in mind.
Thanks a lot

How did you find that ?

The MDN Javascript API recommends using Maps for collections instead of Objects, so I have more practice with Maps than maybe some Javascript programmers who didn’t read that section of that API. So applying a Map to this problem was “natural.”

RaulGM’s solution is fine – better than mine maybe – if you know exactly what the items in your list are, and you don’t expect them to change in a future update. With my solution, you pay extra in conceptual difficulty, and in return you get a solution that does not depend on the specifics of the list.

I’ve been reading this before but didn’t understand the interest.
Thanks for this.
I’ve been using it twice today !!!