How disable purple shadow on links


I’ve made a ionic app, and it has picture with links. When i tap on the picture, this remarks with a purple/pink shadow.

¿how can i remove this effect?

@jcbaena Hi, you should be able to do this by styling your app.css:

a {
text-decoration: none!important;

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Thanks, devniz, but it works not as perfect as i would want.

There is still a pink rectangle shadows in the phone screen after tap a button.

is there any css change i might do?

@jcbaena Hi, you may add something like:

a {
outline: none !important;

And for the images:

img {

The !important is essential if you want to overwrite other CSS styling.

And if it still the same, look into your browser-inspector what class your button is and apply the same styling to it to get rid of the blue/purple border color. It’s quite easy to fix.

Thanks Devniz, but still appears the purple square after tap in buttons/images :frowning:

@jcbaena Then you need to show us a working codepen so we can have a look at it together.