How can we implement the download/upload in background?

Hello guys!
I am studying with a friend to understand how to implement a background logic to download/upload files with capacitorjs.

What we understood until now is that we can use the Background Tasks feature provided by the Capacitorjs itself (Background Runner Capacitor Plugin API | Capacitor Documentation) but from the limitation section (Background Runner Capacitor Plugin API | Capacitor Documentation) we see that on iOs we can execute it up to 30 seconds only.

Is there a way to implement the idea in someway?
How are you implementing this feature?
I am asking this because we are curious to understand how the other applications implemented the background download/upload logic.

Currently, we implemented the upload of a file (currently we upload chunks) but a file could potentially requires some minutes to be stored somewhere so it could be killed before the completion (same for the download of course).

If you need some extra details, ask me!
Thank you!

could you solve it bro?