How can I use the native camera using Ionic 2?

I have a button that says Take Picture on one of my pages that I want to be table to take and then upload a picture. How can I set this up in my model and view files? All the solutions I’ve found use Ionic 1.

I haven’t completed this task either, but I have been told that functionality now lives in ionic-native. You can find the package in github or npm.

Not able to really find this. Do you know of any step by step guide? I am a complete beginner with Ionic 2. I just have a tabbed application setup at the moment.

Sorry I’m in the same boat as you. I ended up waving the white flag, and went back to ionic v1. Trying now to figure out how to code as if it were ionic v2, but runs on v1. Thus when V2 is stable and supported, I can quickly switch.

Here is the git-hub project I was referring to:

Also I know you can use node package manager (npm) to install native. I really don’t know much more about it.

Good luck