How can i use script tags inside component's html?

I put my script tag in index.html and it works as expected when the app first launches. But i want to execute this script when the specific page opens up. How can i do that?


<ion-item *ngFor=“let item of icerik.ilgili” (click)=“openDetail(”>



Currently my component’s html looks like this. But script doesn’t execute when the page opens up .

This is why you have a *.ts file. In side this file you can run your js code

But the problem is, i have to use 4 different js files(video.js,vast-client.js,,videojs.vast.js) to execute these methods. I think the video.js is the base library here and the others present additional methods for this library. But i dont know how to use the extended scripts in .ts file. How can i import them in .ts file to make it work?

In index.html, it can work when i import them traditionally like this. But i don’t know how to do the same in .ts file.
<script src=""></script> <script src="build/"></script> <script src="build/vast-client.js"></script> <script src="build/videojs.vast.js"></script> <script> var vid1 = videojs('vid1'); console.log(vid1); vid1.muted(true);; vid1.vast({ url: '' }); </script>