How can I upload videos from my library to Firebase storage?

Hello everybody, I want to upload videos from my photolibrary to Firebase storage but i don’t know how is possible to do.
I have had success uploading images from my library with Native camera plugin
However, I have tried upload it with the same way with this options:

CameraOptions = {

        sourceType         :,
        destinationType    :,

And get the path with getPicture() method => {
     let videoPath = 'data:video/mp4;base64,' + videoData;

and upload with this method:

uploadVideo(videoString:string): Promise<>{
       return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {

           let videoName: string = "video-"+ new Date().getTime() + ".mp4";
           let storageRef: = null;
           let parseUpload:;

           let url:string = "videoFolder/";
           storageRef =;
           parseUpload = storageRef.putString(imageString, "data_url");

           parseUpload.then(() => {
           }).catch(error => console.error(error));


What am I doing bad?? if with that plugin is impossible to do that, how can upload my video??
Thank you so much guys.

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Someone can help me please? I need a solution:cry::cry:

@CSantos8 did you find any solution? :’(