How can I set an icon on ion-view?


Hello guys,

I’m using an ion-nav-bar and I have one page with an ion-view title=“VintTrups”, I want to set an icon to stay together the title … for example, imagine de simbol ’ @ ’ is the icon ( @ VintTrups ).

How can I do it ?



Try this


Thank you so much @ShinyArmor !!

It solve my problem =)


did you had a problem in centralizing the image?


I have one issue with my back button image …
Assigning back button text dynamically from controller but its going down if we increase the size of image witch is displaying along with back button.

please find the code pen for this.

I want image size 25*25

<img width="25" height="25"  style="margin-top:5px" src="url" />