How can I realize my category Todo App



I am new with ionic and angular and am trying to extend the todo app tutorial.
I have tasks and categories.

App flow

  1. See category list with the number of tasks associated.
  2. Click on a category and see a ion-list of tasks within this category.
  3. Click on a task and see what the task text says.

My problem is I don´t really know how to set a filter, except <input ng-model="categoryfilter">.

IfI click on one of the categories.
The categoryfilter inside the second ion-list must hold the category id and filter the task by id + Carrying model data to the next view to be able to see the task text.

Thank you for any help! I have setup my code here:

Demo of my Category App

$scope.tasks = [
    { title: 'Collect coins' , category: 1, text:"blablabla"},
    { title: 'Eat mushrooms', category: 2 , text:"blablabla"},
    { title: 'Get high enough to grab the flag', category: 3, text:"blablabla" },
    { title: 'Find the Princess' , category: 2 , text:"blablabla"}
  $scope.categories = [{id:1, name:"Private"},{id:2, name:"Business"},{id:3, name:"Other"}];