How can I read my phones notifications?

Is there any way? I can see local notifications and push notifications. But none is solving my usecase.
Like I have a mail, whatsapp, facebook etc. notifications on my phone. How to read those data.?

My opinion, you never want to read their personal data off your app. That’s wrong and people will hate it. You can use your Push Notifications to check if they’ve clicked on your Push Notifications. But you shouldn’t check/obtain data from their other apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. why you need to know who commented on their post or texted them?

Not reading insight. Just to inform them that they got the notification from “xyz” application.

So, interception; like the VPN?

Yeah sort of interception. But not VPN. My use case is: A functionality which tells end user that they received a notification from “xyz” application and obviously I would be taking the permission from the end user to do the same.

How will you get to know that user has got notification from other application ?.As per android guidelines it will not allow one app to use data of any other app.

I’m guessing he’d have to enable social logins like facebook, twitter then “ask permission” from them apps to obtain which data. After that he’d have to run it through his app then display them local notifications, or would you want real notifications?

Keep in mind, people don’t allow just any app to access their personal information.

My app will just monitor the incoming notifications and speak up that “You have 1 notification from xyz application”. Not reading any data from that application. I would like to add further more functionalities to it, like performing some action around the apps whose notification has come, but this is not the current concern.

Hm, not going to say it’s impossible cause nothing is impossible. Especially in programming, but the big boys kind of got you in a corner sir. Like @vasanthb mentioned before you’re not allowed to perform actions like that because they are security threats and they go against terms and policies.

There’s still hope (maybe if you do a full blown native Java app) because lots of Android apps allow them to manipulate the lock screens and stuff.

For iOS, I think you’re out of luck my friend. :frowning:

I’m sorry to say this @anigam. I did not get the intention of your app itself. If there is a notification from Facebook, it will be the responsibility of facebook app to show notification and it will do that. In case if user has not given permission to facebook app notification then facebook app itself cannot receive notification, how can your app does ?.

@vasanthb When you get a notification from any application your phone doesn’t tell you that you received a notification from that application or so. What if you switched on your internet after a day then there would be a lot of notifications flood your notification window. If user wants to know what all notification he received just not by looking in the phone, there should be some way. That is what my concern is. @Neonic1: yes , currently targeting android users only.

@anigam the only way you’re going to achieve this that I’m aware of, you could use the services APIs. Doing this would limit your proximity (you’d have to individually fetch all data from subscribed APIs).

Then you’d render out the data and send bulk push notifications, but note: this would not be good cause their phone would send the primary pushes from the apps and then yours.

You could however design an algorithm to help/allow the users to disable global notifications on their phone. Then when they get home and open your app -boom all your collected data from their accounts via your API keys for each service you subscribed to and enrolled in your apps functionality.


@Neonic1 Yes , I understood. However, I dont want them to disable global notifications of all the app that I have subscribed. Let me explore native JAVA approach if I could find something there. Thank you so much for your help.

Yeah that might be your best bet cause you seem to be out of cards. You could design an API that compiles itself the API strings to create data so injecting all their APIs won’t be so complex.

Good luck.

Yeah, there is a way to do that and it could have many functionalities. In my case I use a finance control app where it read’s my notifications from bank’s app, informing card usage and value, and automatically import’s to my expenses. In most cases notifications do not have sensitive data. I’m trying to figure out how to do that with Ionic. Im just leaving my comment here because i felt a little prejudgment with this functionallity.

Useful for an auto responder app.
And to skip ads from apps.
It is not breaking any privacy.
As the user is only giving the permissions.

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