How can I pass a view in ng-repeat?

I am using ion-list to create a photo list. I want to create a view which can use slide-in-up animation. So I made a modal for this photo list view. This modal is affecting all photos in the list but I want one modal with respect to each photo. But for this I have to make each photo in the ion-list as a separate view. What should I do for that? I am using ng-repeat in the photo list. How can I pass a view in ng-repeat ?

For reference what modal is$ionicModal/

Could you provide a code example (codepen, plunkr, etc) of what you have so far? It’s easier to help when we can see the structure of your app, and then recommend a structure that would fit your needs.

If I understand you clearly. You have a list of items in an ng-repeat. When an item is clicked in the list you want a modal to come up with details of that Item clicked? Als you want this ng-repeast to use one single modal correct? can you confirm this?

Yes but that modal should overlap the clicked item. Not the entire screen.

How doe you mean overlap? Can you provide a screenshot or rough sketch?