How can i open the consolelog

I used ionic with phonegap to develop my app,but after I update ionic to the new version , I found consolelog did’t show up when I test in my browser.

How can i reopen it ?


Try to plug your mobile to the computer, and then in google chrome, go to this url:
chrome://inspect/#devices you should see your device there and be able to open a full featured console.

If your device isn’t showed, you can run “adb devices” in the terminal to show the list of devices attached to your desktop (there you should see your mobile).
(This is valid for android devices)

On ios, plug your phone to your computer and open xCode, there you can build your app and see a developer console on the bottom of the software. May be hidden by other panels at the beggining.

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thanks for your help, let me have a try:)

for the Android inspect you need to run Android 4.4 (or higher… but since it’s the current version it is safe to only mention 4.4 :P)
And for iOS you can also debug it via Safari, but I have not really tried it:


mark it ,thanks a lot !