How can I make an HTTP POST request to my server?


Hey there! I have implemented back-end for Ionic. Until then I tested my api using cURL from my Linux terminal. I used this command: curl --data "some=parameter&another=parameter&and=another&one=parameter" https://myserver/api/my/endpoint. So, how can I do that the same thing using Ionic? :slight_smile:

Also, please apologize my english. I’m not native.


You should use a provider for this. You can read more info here:
This is a simple example of a http post for ionic:

import { Http, Response } from '@angular/http';

export class Api {

    constructor(public http: Http) {}

    post(apiUrl: string, data: any = {}) {
        return, JSON.stringify(data))
            .map((response: Response) => {
                return response.json();

I tried this, but it doesn’t work. Why? :frowning:

let postParams = {some:'some', another:'some'};"https://myserver/api/my/endpoint", JSON.stringify(postParams)).map((response: Response) => {

Check for errors you can use chrome dev tools to debug check the network tab.
You can also add in your code some error handling eg."https://myserver/api/my/endpoint", JSON.stringify(postParams)).map((response: Response) => {
.catch((error: Response) => {
 // handle errors here console.error(error)
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Still nothing. My server responding, which is good, but…

My code:"http://myserver/api/my/endpoint", JSON.stringify(postParams)).subscribe(response => {
    return console.log(JSON.stringify(response));

And i’m getting this error:

ERROR Object { _body: "{"responseHttpCode":"400"}", status: 400, ok: false, statusText: "Bad Request", headers: Object, type: 2, url: "http://myserver/api/my/endpoint" }

My server responded with 400 HTTP error. That means, that my api can’t parse my POST fields (I didn’t send them):


How to fix this?


What’s your backend stack ?
Did you check the request headers url etc in chrome network tab is everything ok ?
Can you try again setting the headers

let headerOptions: any = { 'Content-Type': 'application/json' };
let headers = new Headers(headerOptions);"https://myserver/api/my/endpoint", JSON.stringify(postParams), new RequestOptions({ headers: headers })).map((response: Response) => {
.catch((error: Response) => {
 // handle errors here console.error(error)

Don’t forget to import Headers, RequestOptions first


That’s not JSON. Use URLSearchParams. Incidentally, there is no need to manually stringify post bodies or set content type. Angular does that.


Can you provide example? I have no idea how this works. :confused:


So… I Googled and found this (works ok):"", "firstname=Nic")
        .subscribe(data => {
            var alert = Alert.create({
                title: "Data String",
                subTitle: data.json().data,
                buttons: ["close"]
        }, error => {

Edited to my needs:"https://myserver/api/my/endpoint", "some=parameter&another=parameter&and=another&one=parameter").subscribe(data => {
}, error => {

…and my server responded but with error. The problem is my params (some=parameter&another=parameter&and=another&one=parameter"). With one parameter it works ok, but with more than one, it’s useless. :confused:


If you want to pass the params with this format you should use URLSearchParams as @rapropos
An example for your case:
let params = new URLSearchParams()
params.append(‘some’, parameter); … etc

Don’t forget to import URLSearchParams


Thanks guys. URLSearchParams works well. :slight_smile:


not work for me unable to send parameter response is wrong plz give me code.

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