How can I make a single page to look like a new page every time is called?


I’m using a single page, let’s call CategoryPage, to load different content depending on where it has been invoked. I’m using Tabs and every Tab call CategoryPage with a custom param to load a new content (a list of cards).

The issue is that the cached pages in DOM get too much weight and app get really slow. I can’t use nav.remove([index]) because, for NavController, the page is always the same (index = 0). I’m also not sure on how to use nav.setRoot to destroy all the other pages inside each Tab node (if possible).

I’ve looked at core Ionic code for all involved components and I think there’s not an easy way to disable page cache, so my idea is to “hack” the single page, CategoryPage, to make it look different to NavController so (maybe) it will allow me to remove it from DOM using this.nav.remove() or something else.

Any ideas? Thank you.