How can I have two slide-boxes at the same page?

I want to have and manipulate two sliders in the same page, how can I do it? Can I set some id for each one?


.controller('appCtrl', function($scope, $http, $ionicSlideBoxDelegate, methodsProvider, $ionicPopup) {
    methodsProvider.getTemas().then(function(data) {
      $scope.temas = data.temas[0].arquivosSinais;

    $scope.confirm = function(x) {

    $scope.previous = function() {

    $ = function() {


         <ion-slide ng-repeat="x in temas" ng-click="playVideo(x.arquivosSinalizacoes,">
              <img ng-src="{{x.imagemPreVisualizacao}}" alt="{{x.nome}}" />
<!--   ----------------------------------------------------------------  -->
      <ion-slide ng-repeat="x in temas">

The problem here is that when I use the fisrt slide-box the second one is ignored and I loose it’s values. What can I do?

I got it working, from a help of @wedgybo .

Here it is: