How can I find the styles that Ionic's directives apply?


How can I get the styles that Ionic applies depending on the directives?

For example with this:

<ion-button expand="full" fill="outline">Outline + Full</ion-button>

Where can I find the styles that “full” apply to the button?

I want to do it through a class only instead of using expand="full". Like:

<ion-button class="full-button" fill="outline">Outline + Full</ion-button>


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hello , you do not need to do it by class , it’s easier to use directive ,
by the way you can go to the file scss or css of your component and declare that class inside ion-content class

//your propreties here

hope this helps

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I agree it’s easier if I use the directive, but my bosses want it it this way :slight_smile:

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you know , css classes can be a problem when for example you execute them on ios for example they can be woking wrongly , directives are officially working always fine , css classes can have issues on some plateforms ,
hope this will help.

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