How can I email a feedback form?


I’ve created a simple feedback form where I ask my users to submit feedback on the app. (starting small, hoping to iterate with user feedback)

But how do I get the form to be sent to my email address?


Hey tommy - this isn’t something that Ionic handles since it’s more of a server side operation. I’d check out Mandrill - it’s a easy to use mail service that you can use to send emails completely on the client side.


Looks great, I’ll check it out. Thanks!


Hi Tommy.

Just an alternative I used and found their support fantastic (they have a free option similar to Mandrill) and the API dead simple to use.

I used a PHP script, which took a matter of minutes to slap together based on the examples provided by mailgun.

Good luck!


Awesome @edwrede_ZA!
That does look even simpler actually. Thanks!