How can i delete the navigation history in ionic1?

So rather than going back and forth, like opening first john then work on it,
then open jose - work on it, ,
then open Roxanna - work on it,

Rather than going back and forth with person, then today view, then person and then today, I’ve created the button that will by itself move me to the next person from one person view itself.

But the problem that creates is, if i have to see the menu button i’l hvae to press the back button that many times to see the menu button. How can i change it up so that i can see the menu button all the time ?


see in the above pics, i can’t see the menu button.
In this scenario i dont really need the navigation history…



disableAnimate: true,
historyRoot: true

so i can put this method in the controller and that would do it ?

nope it says , $ionicHistory.clearHistory(); not defined.

got it working after including it as a service, $ionicHistory

Have you added $ionicHistory to your controller

.controller("HomeCtrl", function ($scope,$ionicHistory){

issue resolve, thanks,