How can I create links that send you to a nested view?

Hi, I want to create links on tabs.home as you can see the list with the links to redirect me to the inner views of about page. For more informations you can see this codepen:

From my local directory where I’m developing I can access it directly using url link in the home page to only the link which is associated to bottom tabs. How can I get access to others?

Your codepen works if you use ui-sref with state name rather than href:

<ion-item ui-sref="tabs.about.page1">About 1</ion-item>

Thanks for the reply, as I’ve said in the first post linking to tabs.about.page1 with ui-sref works because as you can see at the bottom tabs that page is already linked downthere and I don’t know why but the views which are placed at the bottom tabs as about.page1 can be accessed directly but I’m not able to access the other page about.page2 directly from the Home tab. When I test it locally when I press the link the url changes fine at the address bar but the content doesn’t show up.

Can anyone help me please? I just want to add links in homepage (tabs.home) that redirects directly to the nested views/states inside (tabs.about). Those states are tabs.about.page1 and tabs.about.page2. From the homepage when I click the About page 1 button which should redirect me to the tabs.about.page1 state it works fine. but the second one doesn’t work. I’m relatively begginer in angularjs and ionic and I can’t figure out how to solve this.