How can i call to 'watch' when i have changed an assets file?


If i change an .ts or .html file, ionic calls to watch command and update all the files, but if i changes the .json file of assets folder, the console only shows watch ready and don’t copy anything.


I’m having the same problem. I’m using ionic@2.1.4 and added ng2-translate with json files in src/assets/i18n and when I’m changing one file, the www/assets/i18n is not rebuilt.

I’m new to ionic 2, I have noticed they do not use gulp anymore but ionic-app-scripts, I’m looking in it to figure how they configured it.

Any help would be appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have noticed the same problem…


New asset updates should copy, check you’re on v 0.39 or higher of app-scripts via ‘npm outdated’


The generated package.json set it to 0.0.36.

I changed it in the package.json to 0.0.39, then npm install and it works fine now.

[19:44:09]  watch ready 

JS changed:   www/assets/i18n/fr.json
JS changed:   www/manifest.json