How can I call a PHP page?

I created a form interface in Ionic Creator. How do I get the values of this interface for PHP.
I want to click the button to call the PHP page that receives these values and directs you to another page as the user’s choice.

How do the Ionic call a PHP page?

I tried to do so, but does not work …

           Less than 2.4 
           Between 2.4 and 3.0 
           Increased 3.0 

It does not work that way. You cannot call PHP functions from your ionic app or inside of creator.

@mhartington I created the front-end inside of creator, later I’m trying to do inside Atom editor.
Is it possible?
I have a quiz, depending on the response it will have three screens to choose from. So I need to use a loop, and I do not how to do this. Get the user’s response and direct response as the right screen. Through Php and using forms I can do.

Your Ionic app and the PHP on your server will be two completely separate things that communicate with each other.

You will need to send a HTTP request to your PHP server (using $http) from within your Ionic app containing whatever information it needs. Your Ionic app will listen for the response from the server and can act on the data it receives back. So you can send off the quiz answer to the PHP file on your server with $http, perform whatever logic you need on the server, and then send data back to your Ionic app from the server (e.g. data about the page you want to be activated).