How can I cache the image in ionic3

I have a ionic3 app that contain a lot of images for display, and I discover a huge data usage problem. So I had search a solution for reduce the data usage.
I have find this plugin, but not working in iOS, and many peoples said it is because WKwebview & CORS.
Any suggestion for this, thanks a lot.

Use a Service Worker:

I am using img tag and each image is a URL and render the image in the app, how the service worker help to reduce the data consumption of data plan of mobile?


Now we’re ready to create our service worker configuration file:


      "urls": [


Use a Service Worker: Optimising the performance of an Ionic PWA - Part 1

This is the part where I’m bit confused. Can I fully utilize a service worker inside Cordova built “native” app on iOS? … as regarding to the original request from @Nulra

No, but then again @Nulra didn’t mention ‘Cordova’ or ‘Hybrid Mobile App’ in his post.

sorry, I am doing a hybrid mobile app.

Then your best bet at this point is: Cache Image for Offline Use

So the loop is closed. The link @robinyo provided points out the npm package that presumably doesn’t work in iOS which was the very root of this thread :wink: