How can I activate the transcluent statusbar on android? (NOT iPhone!)


Like the statusbar in this app:

Android Kitkat Statusbar


See this post


thanks mhartington, but I’m not meaning the statusbar of the ionic app. I mean the statusbar of the android system in android 4.4 alias Kitkat.


no idea?


That will be some kind of cordova option. But at the moment i think that this kind of functionality is not available yet on cordova, so stay tuned on future releases.

(If I’m wrong, maybe would be interesting to review the past release notes of cordova in case it has already been implemented)

Nothing to see with ionic at least


I think @Bonda is correct, I dont believe cordova has support for this. Which is a shame, because it’s a nice feature.


I do not know if it corresponds to what you want to do but in case in the config.xml file, there is this:

 <preference name="fullscreen" value="true" />

there must be ‘false’ and you see the bar with the time and battery,etc