Hour/Minute Picker like Timer?

Does anyone know of a cordova plugin that will open a native hour/minute picker like the one in iOS’ clock/timer app?

Something like the following:

Thanks in advance!

ionic plugin add com.plugin.datepicker

Sorry for coffeescript

 options = {date: new Date(), mode: 'time'}
 $cordovaDatePicker.show(options).then (date) -> $scope.time = date

@yurinondual thanks for the quick reply. However, I believe $cordovaDatePicker’s time mode lets you pick an actual time of day. I’m looking for a two-wheel scroll that will let me pick hours and minutes. So rather than picking a specific time of day it would let me pick (for example) 7 hours and 18 minutes as a duration/timespan, not tied to any actual date.


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I have also been keeping an eye out for something like this, but it hasn’t come time to implement it in my app yet. I’ll start looking as well as this would be SO nice to have.

Hi guys that term you’re looking for is called a "scroll picker"
as to date the best one I’ve seen is mobi scroll, which also have a angular implementation

also its free just get it from their github

hey @ysrael could you post link to mobi scroll angular?


found mobi scroll on google and at least the site i found was charging for the use of there plugins. So if anyone knows where i can find a timespan plugin like is shown in the original post it would be awesome