Hot Module Replacement


how does Ionic 2 support HMR (Hot Module Replacement)?
The live-reload is nice, only gets you so far that it starts at the first page .

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ionic routing is independent of browser history so you will start at the beginning because you do not know anything about your last history / navigation stack.

And it is mobile development and you have to reload the whole page to get the changes


This is something we’ve talked about before and have toyed around with the idea of providing this. We don’t have a whole lot of answers for this right now. There’s a lot of tooling questions that still need to be worked out as time goes on.

Since app-scripts is built on Webpack these days, perhaps HMR is something that could be implemented. Any exploration been done here?

Hey @bholben, we had looked it at one point.
There’s a lot of overhead involved in setting up HMR, and it really doesn’t grok with how app-scripts handles build.
All in all, there wasn’t a bit enough return to make adding it worth it really.

Is this available in Ionic 3? Or planned to be? It’s actually super useful IMO in dev-speed. That way not every single tiniest little change needs to be live-reloaded (taking 10+ seconds or so each time). Thoughts?

2 Likes already have on angular 7 for now