Horizontal Scroll not working in iOS 10

Horizontal scroll on my ionic tablet app is not working on iOS 10, still works fine on iOS 8 and 9. Using cordova-ios 4.1.1. When I try to pull the list to the left the scroll just bounces immediately.

<ion-scroll direction="x" scrollbar-x="false" id="notebooks-quick-view">
    <notebook-quick-view ng-repeat="notebook in notebooks"></notebook-quick-view>

getting rid of position: absolute on ion-scroll fixed the issue

Bro…i have faced similar issue but in case list is not scrolled only in the iphone7 device but in the iphone5 and iphone6,iphonex it scrollimg working perfectly.do you have any idea bro how to fix above issue.i tried above solution but not worked for me.tell me any another way fix this scrolling issue?