Horizontal Layout of elements

How can we layout our elements horizontally? I want to display various elements, such as a button, followed by a select, then some text, etc. I’ve unsucessfully tried overriding those elements to ‘display: inline’. I want to display them inside of header and subheader bars. The docs don’t explain how to do this. Thanks! Great framework! Looking forward to using it.

Figured it out, kind of strange. Applying a class containing ‘display: inline’ to the select solved the problem. I don’t recall seeing that kind of behaviour for a select.

You may also want to look at the built-in grid functionality.

Thanks. Grid systems are cool, but when using one in a header it requires extra work. By the way, it appears ion-content is broken (see Ion-content has-header problem in 1.0.0-beta.1). Can you post a work-around showing how to get content displayed where it should? I’m unable to display content in my app. Thanks again.

I’m not sure I understand your specific issue. It’d be best to start a new topic and explain it in details with a CodePen sample showing the problem.