Highlight / select input value on tap



I would like the value of a number input to be selected / highlighted when the user taps on it.
So that the user only hase to type the new value.

Can you help me achieve this ?

Moreover, when the user clicks on the blue button (validation button) of the keyboard (android), nothing happens, the keyboard doesn’t withdraw.


I am using ionic 1.2.


Please can anyone help on this ?
The user must not be forced to struggle to ‘select’ the number already in the input field…


I need some help here !!

I would like the value in an input field to be selected when the user taps on the input. It works on Android, but not on iOS, with this

<input ng-click="onTextClick($event)" class="weightinput" type="number" ng-model="data.realWeight" required></input>


        $scope.onTextClick = function ($event) {


I have the same problem, did you find any solution?


@holymind no I did not find the solution. Let me know if you do !