Hide content when tap (ul item) ion-side-menu

Hi guys,
I’m new user in this forum and I’m testing this amazing framework (ionic).

I’ve created a example (side menu) like the example in codepen http://codepen.io/ionic/pen/EtbrF.

And I have a question for us…

Are there any solution to hide “ion-side-menu” in my case “side=left”, when you tap any “ul item” for my menu list?? Template and controller is open, but I want to hide this menu…not only when I tap the content.

I use 0.9.26 version, but in 0.9.27 in a little example, I can´t get it this funcionality.

Any ideas?
Thank you.

Sorry for my english.

This sample adds an ng-click to each side menu item. The controller uses $ionicSideMenuDelegate.toggleLeft($scope.$$childHead); to close the sidemenu.

Thanks a lot! Calendee.
Your solution fix my problem.


No need to use the delegate, just use the menu-close directive:

<a menu-close href="#/home" class="item">Home</a>