Hide and Show Tabs for Ionic (Newbie question.. need some help!)

Hello guys,

I want to create a hide and show tab navigation in one HTML file.
Ionic 3’s standard tab (ion-tabs) comes with multiple html page setting.
I’m building an app which requires everything should be on a single HTML page.

I found this style tab navigation here:

Its tab works within one HTML file however its codes are written in Ionic v2 or v1 language which I don’t know much about.
How can I make this kind of tab navigation on Ionic v3?
Some example would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Handle ionSelect event of ion-tab instead of setting root value of ion-tab.

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Would you please show me one small example?
I’m sorry I’m newbie…


<ion-tab tabTitle=“Home” tabIcon=“icon-home” (ionSelect)=“clickHome()”>< / ion-tab>

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