Hide ad when keyboard is open (using keyboard-attach)

I have an admob advertisement at the bottom of my app. When I click on the input box in the footer of my page, not only does the keyboard pop up but the advertisement does too. How do I hide the advertisement so i just have keyboard and input. The plugin i’m using is here

This is my code

    if(window.plugins && window.plugins.AdMob) {
  var admob_key = device.platform == "Android" ? "ca-app-pub-5743351725311375/7282930065" : "ca-app-pub-5743351725311375/1236396466";
  var admob = window.plugins.AdMob;
          'publisherId': admob_key,
          'adSize': admob.AD_SIZE.BANNER,
          'bannerAtTop': false
      function() {
              { 'isTesting': false },
              function() {
              function() { console.log('failed to request ad'); }
      function() { console.log('failed to create banner view'); }