Hi guys please help me with ionic framework

I an newby in IONIC framework . I am developing ionic a Phonegap app using ionic framework. I am getting a problem in routing.

The screen flow is like following :
1.Login screen then
2.Home screen with left side menu
2.1. There is an link in my left side menu and it is pointed to a tab view.
3. And in the home screen there a link that is also pointing to that tab view.

Problem :

When i am going to that tab view by clicking the link form home screen it working fine and i can come back from tab view to home screen by back button and device back button also.


When i am going to the same tab view from the menu link then the back is not working also not showing the back button at header and in android device if i click the device back button from that tab view the whole app is getting closed.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.