Help with RXJS

Can anyone help me refactor this code so that I can call another function after ALL of the videoService get’s have finished? => { Assignment) => {
          return this.videoService.getById(a.VideoId).subscribe(
            res => {
              let e = new Event();
              e.Id = a.Id;
              e.title = a.Name;
              e.location = '';
              e.message = a.Notes;
              e.startDate = a.StartDate;
              e.endDate = a.EndDate;
     = res;
     = team.Name;
            err => {


Thanks for any and all help!

You want forkJoin.

Thanks rapropos, I saw forkjoin but that looked like it’s for separate observables these nested observables depend on each other. If you could give me a short example of what you are thinking it would be much appreciated

@rapropos I also wanted to show that in the subscribe method I am pulling data from the parent team and assignment, so I am not sure forkjoin allows that?