Help with Ionic V1 Booking App and admin backend

I am building an Ionic V1 app with a CodeIgniter admin backend. I have a few things I need some help with from someone more experienced as I seem to be stuck. The issues I need resolved are:

  1. I’ve added UK Postcodes to my customer listings and this is working fine. However, whenver a new order is created, if a customer has a postcode saved in the database table, the order does not show up in the ‘assign order’ pages. I also need to ensure the postcode shows up in all the pages that need it and of course, on the app as well.

  2. I need to add signature evidence to the app and admin backend such as the one detailed here.

  3. I need to ensure the driver cannot view details / submit delivery evidence of an order if the previous order has not been fulfilled and evidence recorded.

I have a budget of 50 GBP. I have a changes document which describes everything I need in detail with pictures if required.



Please contact me on Skype ID: cis.ron or send me an email at

Ron A.