Help with IONIC + Leaflet + MBTILES


I am completely new in development witth Ionic and Angularjs (although I have experience in web development and Android, Java).

I’m developing a new app, and I would like to use IONIC + LEAFLET + OFFLINE mode with MBTILES.
I have read some tutorials and I have reviewed the threads of this forum concerning leaflet. But I need some guidance before going on with my development.

  • Do you think that for my case, a “maps-app” leaflet based, the value gived for Ionic worth it, or it would be easier to use JQuery mobile for example?

  • On the other hand, do you think that angular-leaflet-directive is already mature enough, or regarding leaflet.js functionality still remains “short”?

  • I’ve read that some people are using Ionic with leaflet.js “normal” library (not angular-leaflet-directive one…) is it consistent? I thought once you get into “angular” project, it is not recommended to use libs that do not follow angular … am I wrong?

I’ll be very grateful with any advice or experience you will share with me!

(PS: Not sure if “tutorials” is the right category… If is not, no problem to move it!)

I’ve been using angular-leaflet-directive for an application and worked perfectly for me.

  • I would continue with Ionic + Leaflet directive
  • I think so, you also can use the whole leaflet functionality
  • It´s up to you, you can use any dependency you prefer not necessarily angular based

Hope that answer your question