Help us test the Ionic 5 Release Candidate!

Cheers everyone :blush:
I will test the Migration to v5 tomorrow. My App is very very complex, so i am excited to see if it all works.

One Problem i had in v4 and never was fixed: In IOS when i have a list and scroll down, than tap on the status bar while scrolling (which causes a scroll to top), after reaching the top, the contents scrolls down a bit (kind of the rest of scrolling down from before).

@brandyshea - is this fixed in v5? :blush:

bounce_gif I just updated my app to use the new segment ios design.
It looks great!

There is a bouncing, though.
When going from the most right to the most left it is even more.

Here is the full size gif on my webspace (just open original in new tab)

Not sure whether I have missed something.

I have migrated from 4.x to 5.x. When I run ‘npx cap open electron’, I see zone-evergreen.js failing to load ‘http://localhost:8100/svg/more.svg’. But I am not using this file anywhere in my code.

I found there is an svg folder in electron bundle, but it is missing this file.

The same error is thrown in WebApp too.


fyi: i just created some issues, that appeared to me while migrating to v5:

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