Help Review and Improve this App

I have been working on an app with help of most of you. Now i have arrived at a point where I need your advice on how to improve user experience.
please be frank and if need be hard.

I have uploaded it to the ionic view. if there is a better way of shearing it please advice me. App Id: f9d9ceec

This topic should proberbly be Showcase Category.
Edit that and you might get more responce.

In Hymns -> If I click IWE ORIN MIMO the screen gets hanged(for a very long time can’t test any further). If the data is being fetched from the server you may want to user LoadingController to show the loading.

in IWE ORIN MIMO the screen cannot be scrolled.

Thanks so much. It is a local data
A json array of about 600 title and details. I don’t knw what to do. On my phone it take about 20sec to load

Use InfiniteScroll

Thanks will try to implement that. Kindly look at the liturgy page, how do I go to the next item’s detail without having to go back to the list. I know I need a next button, but don’t knw how to write the ts code