Help program

I need help,in writing the name wi-fi on my app.
which code should I use?

Could you please be more specific what are you trying to do?

What map plugin are you using?

I’m starting to program in ionic, i need help to write in my application the name of the wifi network I’m connected.

Sounds like he needs to get the name of the Wifi connection when his app is connected. I haven’t tried it, but will the cordova-plugin-network-information plugin retrieve this. I know it will determine the network state and type of connection, but will it give you the connection name?


As @rgecy said, you can use the cordova network plugin for this.

I actually wrote a step by step tutorial on how to create an application that uses this plugin, and you can take a look at it here:

Please let me know if it proves to be helpful for you.