Help please, I have security vulnerabilities using onesignal


Hi, I’m doing an application with ionic 1 and I’m using one signal for notifications, doing a security scan came the following vulnerabilities:

  • App Sandbox Permission
  • Java Hashs Code
  • Unsafe random number generator
  • SQLiteDatabase Transaction Deprecated Checking

That is in the files of the plugin of one signal for ionic 1
How could you fix these vulnerabilities?


Why, where, how?

The 4 things you listed don’t make too much sense without context…


Hi Sujan12, when I install one signal plugin in my cordova project and run a security test using a free tool, this tool show that this apk has the follow vulnerabilities (see pic), is there any way to prevent that vulnerabilities? what can I do to turn secure my apk?


Contact OneSignal if you have questions about their Cordova plugin. Usually, if you are a paying customer, these companies are happy to help.


Where do you get this report from?

I think all the “high” issues are bullshit in the context of OneSignal - and can be safely ignored.