HELP: Meteor + Vue + Ionic

The current application that I am working on is built on Meteor + Vue.

I am trying to integrate Ionic on the current stack to give a PWA experience on mobile.

I have installed @ionic/core@5.0.7 and @ionic/vue@0.0.9

But as soon as I import Ionic
import Ionic from '@ionic/vue'
I get an error saying that an icon svg file can not be resolved.

I also npm installed ionicons@4.5.9-1 just for good measure.
Is there anything that I am missing at the moment?

Hm, to me it looks like a bundling problem.
Just installing the module won’t be enough. It has to be used, to end up being bundled.

Could you show the code that imports stuff?

Do you have something like (stupid ios keyboard messes up the quotes)
import ‘ ionicons ‘

Alternatively you could try adding the dependency to index.html in the public folder.
Just to see if that fixes it.