Help me to run ionic-conference-app-2.0.0-rc.3-201612081620


Hi, it sounds stupid when I have been using Ionic for over 2 years but right now I can’t find root cause that prevent me running app on Genymotion as usual with current code base (ionic-2.0.0-beta.11). I decided to use RC3, but firstly I grab code from GitHub (ionic-conference-app-2.0.0-rc.3-201612081620) then deploy on my development environment.


Commands I used:

npm install
cordova platform add android
ionic run android

Error on console:

C:\ionic-conference-app\platforms\android\src\org\crosswalk\engine\ error: cannot find symbol
return request.getKeyTypes();
symbol: method getKeyTypes()
location: variable request of type ClientCertRequest

My development environment:

OS: Windows 10
NodeJS: 6.9.2
npm: 4.0.3
ionic-cli: 2.1.17
cordova: 6.4.0
IDE: WebStorm 2016.3.1

Files package.json & config.xml are provided as it is in this repo, I don’t change anything. Question here is why sample app can’t be run successful, I guess it caused by Crosswalk version, but downgrade to some configs doesn’t help me). Thanks a lot!