Help - How to propose your app when you share your document

Hi everyone, (first sorry for my bad english)

I need some help to build a functionnality in my app.
When you open a document, like a pdf or a picture, you can share it (in iphone, it’s the button on the bottom and on the left). Your mobile phone propose you some apps like messages, whatsapp …
How can I add my app in this list and how I can developp what I want to do when the document is share in my app? Do you know a tutorial or some ideas about that?

My configuration, ionic 4, angular

Thanks all

Before asking here, you should make some Google Research. After 2 Seconds i found this:

Did you read this Thread?


I have made some research but nothing found, I didn’t find this topic, I have found others but doesn’t work, I wil try this one, thanks again