Help, Error update ionic CLI 3.5.0

I generated a new project and update it as ionic cli suggests, but now it generates errors in any simple command like the generate g page,



whats going on with ionic?

Please install new version of NodeJs.
And install ionic and cordova again after uninstalling it from your computer.
You can use npm install -g ionic and
npm install -g cordova.

You can use npm uninstall -g ionic and npm uninstall -g cordova for uninstall cordova and ionic.
You can install new nodeJs from

You can generate new page using command
ionic g page yourpage_name

It’s a known issue in npm 5.2. They fixed a problem and the fix caused a bigger problem. The npm nightly might have the rollback by now, so either install the nightly and see if that fixes it, or revert to an earlier npm. Your Node installation is fine, and the person who recommended you update it was not on point.

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A quick workaraound, could be installing the missing package manually to your project, using
npm install @angular/tsc-wrapped autoprefixer
I would suggest you try to run a simple app, so that you can be sure your ionic 3.5 installation is fine. Any plugin can be tricky to migrate to ionic 3.5.I am having a really bad time trying to use sqlite-storage plugin and firebase plugin in ionic 3.5

@AaronSterling is correct, everything else will just move the problem. npm 5.2.0 unfortunately is unusable.

Thanks for your time, i wont be updating npm for a long :slight_smile:

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