HELP! $cordovaNativeAudio.preloadComplex

Hi Everyone,

I need your urgent help. I’ve been figuring out how will this work. I’m trying to play an audio voiceover per < ion-slide >. But the problem is, the voiceover audio are overlapping each other on < ion-slide > change. Here are my codes to show it better:

JS: (Preloaded Audio Files)

    $cordovaNativeAudio.preloadComplex('Male-English-about', 'lib/voiceovers/male/english/about.mp3', 1, 1);
    $cordovaNativeAudio.preloadComplex('Male-English-0', 'lib/voiceovers/male/english/0.mp3', 1, 1);
    $cordovaNativeAudio.preloadComplex('Male-English-1', 'lib/voiceovers/male/english/1.mp3', 1, 1);
    $cordovaNativeAudio.preloadComplex('Male-English-2', 'lib/voiceovers/male/english/2.mp3', 1, 1);
    $cordovaNativeAudio.preloadComplex('Male-English-3', 'lib/voiceovers/male/english/3.mp3', 1, 1);
    $cordovaNativeAudio.preloadComplex('Male-English-4', 'lib/voiceovers/male/english/4.mp3', 1, 1);
    $cordovaNativeAudio.preloadComplex('Male-English-5', 'lib/voiceovers/male/english/5.mp3', 1, 1);


  var currentAudio = "";
  $scope.playVoiceAudio = function(page){
    currentAudio = new $'Male-English-' + page);

I’m calling the playVoiceAudio() function on-slide-changed. But instead of changing the current audio that is playing. It overlaps it.

How can I play multiple audio files one by one?