Help change the page orientation - ionic v4

I applied this code and everything is OK

But I want to change the page orientation from right to left when choosing Arabic

do it like this,
for arabic
ion-content dir=“rtl”>/ion-content>

it will change the orientation of page

Try like this:

For static language, e.g. when you have only one language Arabic:

<ion-content dir="rtl"></ion-content>

For dynamic language, e.g. when you have more than one language then bind dir like this:

<ion-content [dir]="language"></ion-content>


<ion-content dir="{{language}}"></ion-content>

<!--  it is look like this: <ion-content dir="rtl"></ion-content>-->
<!--  it is look like this: <ion-content dir="ltr"></ion-content>-->

When I change the language to Arabic, I want the page to move from right to left
When choosing the English language is the opposite