Header too big in iOS


Hi guys

I’m using ionic 2 tabs app and in each page I’m adding ion-header with ion-navbar in it.
the problem is and it only appears in iOS is that the header nav bar is too big.

if I’m removing the tabs from 1 page the size of the header is normal but combined with
tabs its almost the double.

I’m adding a screenshot.

and the html code is pretty basic for example:

        <ion-title>{{ 'contactUsPage.pageTitle' | translate }}</ion-title>
<ion-content padding text-center no-bounce>
    <form [formGroup]="contactUs" (ngSubmit)="send()">
            <ion-input class="contactUsInput" formControlName="subject"
                       text-center type="text" placeholder="{{ 'contactUsPage.subjectPlaceHolder' | translate }}"></ion-input>

            <ion-textarea class="contactUsInput marginBox" formControlName="message" rows="8"
                          placeholder="{{ 'contactUsPage.messagePlaceHolder' | translate }}"></ion-textarea>

        <button ion-button block class="appColorsLeft appButton" type="submit">{{ 'contactUsPage.submitButton' | translate }}</button>

it happens in every page no matter if I add content or not. even if I’m cleaning the entire scss file.

any ideas?
am I doing anything wrong?

any help will be appreciated