Header image with transparent navigation bar

Hi, I have experimented a little with Ionic the recent days. Now I have encountered a problem when trying to display a header image with a transparent navigation bar on top.

What I want to do:

Have managed to get it like this in the browser and the Phonegap app with the " ionic serve" command:

But when I test it on iOS simulator it looks like this = the navigation bar is back:

Does anyone have know what I do wrong by looking on these images? Otherwise tell me and I post more details/code.

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How you solved the issue?


hi, the nav-bar on device got solved when I updated Ionic. beta-14
I made a Codepen to get header image with transparent nav-bar, does this answer your question?

<ion-nav-bar class="bar-clear">
<ion-content style="top:0;">

Yes. Thanks for the solution.