Header covers content after screen rotation

Hi to all Ionic fans.

I have recently come to an issue, that causes ion-content to be covered by ion-header. Meaning its height is calculated to be of full device height.

This happens when I push any page to navigation stack, change my screen orientation and then pop the page. All pages, that are in the navigation stack, suffer this issue (ion-content being covered by ion-header). I managed to come to this with different use case, but changing screen orientation makes this happen 100%.

I don’t remember seing this in previous version of Ionic. I think this started happening after updating to Ionic 3.7.

Has anyone else noticed such behavior?

Using Ionic 3.7 and Corsswalk WebView plugin.


EDIT: Also happens after keyboard popping up and down. All pages have their headers covering content after poping page, where the keyboard was used.

Found GitHub issue in case anyone also comes here.