Having issues opening photo gallery on iOS

Hi everyone,
We have hit an issue getting our app to open the iOS photo gallery,
and were wondering if anyone could help
we are using now the “chooser” plugin this one:

but it only opens the iCloud drive and from there, the user can Browse into few other options but not into the photo gallery,

Our app has note pad inside, and we want the user to be able to upload videos and photos from the iOS devices

we have tested a few more plugins like “File Chooser” (but that one is said for Android only) and “File Opener” (open files only)
and still wasn’t able to get it to work

if anyone has a solution or got some plugin to work, please let me know
Thank you in advance!

For picking images from the gallery you should use the Camera plugin, with source type Camera.PictureSourceType.PHOTOLIBRARY

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Thank you Julio! work now, also needed to play with the mediaType to show the videos, Thanks!