Have anyone created an Ionic3 PWA with tabs without an issue

Ionic 3 has some blocking issues with combination of PWA, Tabs, Hardware/Browser back button, Path location strategy & IonicPage decorator.

  1. Simple Ionic 3 PWA without tabs & using default location strategy => Working fine.
  2. PWA without tabs, PathLocationStrategy & IonicPage segment decorator => Loading chunk failed issue.
  3. PWA with tabs, any location strategy => Pressing Hardware back in android device or browser’s back button will lead to undesired results. (PWA closes or PWA reload or previous page with loosing all data etc.)
  4. May be more (can’t remember)

Have anyone created an Ionic3 PWA with tabs and above issue handled? Please share.

I have problems using tabs in my ionic application. The user can select entrys from a list or from a map. When the item is selected a ItemDetailPage is shown.


Serving the application using ionic serve everything works fine. When creating the application using ionic cordova build browser and deploying it on a webspace im running into the following issue: The tabs / switching tabs dont work in the DetailPage when the user selected the item from the map. Whereas when the user selects the item from the list everything works. When debugging the website with web developer tools and tooggling different devices the previous click on a tab is exectuded and the tab switches. Very wired! Any ideas?