Have a list inside of a modal window

I have created a page with a list. It works great. I then tried to add a list to a modal window, but nothing shows up for the list. Other components show up, but the list does not.

 templateUrl: 'build/pages/myModalPage/myModalPage.html'
 class MyModal {
 constructor(viewCtrl: ViewController) {
 this.viewCtrl = viewCtrl;

        this.items = ['flask', 'wifi', 'beer', 'football', 'basketball', 'paper-plane',
            'american-football', 'boat', 'bluetooth', 'build'];


Then the HTML:

ion-content class="getting-started"

 ion-scroll scrollX="false" scrollY="true"

ion-card *ngFor="#item of items"

    h2 {{item.title}}/h2

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